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Created On1/16/2011
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How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes

If you have ever tried to transfer your music from your iPod to iTunes, you will have quickly realized that iTunes is only designed for a one way transfer.  In fact, if you connect your iPod to a fresh installation of iTunes it may ask you if you want to delete all of the music on your iTunes library.  Luckily itunes will always ask before cleaning out your iPod - giving you the chance to say no.

In fact - with the modern versions of iPods and iTunes, the only anwers to the question - how to transfer music from ipod to computer ? - is to use third party software - like MediaWidget.

MediaWidget is award winning software with an easy to use iPod to iTunes Transfer Wizard that will transfer all of your music from your ipod back to your computer in a few easy clicks - get your free MediaWidget Download here.Install MediaWidget, and follwo the simple iPod transfer wizard.