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Created On11/7/2011
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Entry Point Not Found

A lot of people including non- media widget users are seeing this error which was caused by an apple  Apple update gone wrong.

(AppleSyncNotifier.exe  Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point sqlite3_wal_checkpoint could not be located in the dynamic link library SCLite3.dll)

Mediawidget version 6.0.64 Build 1591 & build 1592 , doe's not use sqlite3.dll. It was renamed to mwsqlite3.dll specifically to remove this dependency

The Url below is to an apple support site which has several suggestions with which we have seen positive results.

( We have not been able to replicate this error in house but our programmers are trying to find an alternative  solution )


   1. Uninstall mediawidget
   2. follow the suggestions on the Apple site to the letter
   3. restart the computer
   4. reinstall mw